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Investment Management

We use a consistent investment process that takes the current day emotion out of investment management.

We have developed a template that is customized for each client based on their particular situation. This template consists of up to fourteen fund categories that may be included in a portfolio. How many of these categories are used and in what proportions is based on each client's strategic plan and current valuation levels among these categories?

Within the equity component, allocations are made based on based on market capitalization (large, mid and small), style (growth versus value), and location (domestic versus foreign, developed versus emerging).

Within the fixed income component, allocations are made between the high yield, investment grade, and multisector areas of the corporate market, the government market, the adjustable rate market, and the foreign market.

Each account is monitored continuously, with the strategy adjusted based on changes in the client’s situation or market valuations. In addition, the portfolio is re-balanced periodically to maintain the targets.